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Fun Home Broadway Musical Review, Tickets, Cast, 2022 Schedule

New, fresh & Original: These are three of the many words used to describe the Broadway musical Fun Home - a modern adaptation of Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir of the same name. Showcased at the Circle in the Square Theater, NY, the Broadway earned critical acclaim in large part due its dramatization and choreography.

Lisa Kron assembled words and images in unique and innovative ways to bring life to the bittersweet memoir on stage. Sam Gold’s direction and Jeanine Tesori’s music add more drama to the show - which revolves around a grown woman who reminisces about her troubled relationship with her father.

The show was comprised of many introspective and confessional songs with impressive props that allowed actors to improvise a few scenes. Beth Malone, 43, plays Alison Bechdel and rightfully deserves her nomination for the Tony Award - Best Actress in a Musical.

Feeling torn between her budding professional career as a cartoonist and a painful personal life, she looks into a box of mementos (dubbed as “crap”) for inspiration. Nostalgia kicks in as she recalls her childhood memories of growing up in a Victorian mansion that doubled as a funeral home as well.

Sydney Lucas then steps in as a young Alison in the raucous “Come to the Fun Home” and delivers a memorable performance. All is not fun at this point as she lives with a dominating father (the funeral director) who is a schoolteacher and is obsessed about restoring his Victorian-style home.

Bruce Bechdel (played by Michael Cerveris) is a complicated and morally ambiguous personality. Nevertheless, he is portrayed as a tyrant and bully who develops a special bond with Alison. Cerveris fully embraces the complexities and bewildering character of Bruce and delivers a near-perfect performance. Only at a much later stage in her life, does Alison finally decide to make peace with the old man.

The narrative circles around Bruce. His despicable dalliances with younger men remain unnoticed by his young children, but do not escape his wife Helen (another shattering performance by veteran stage-actress, Judy Kuhn).

In the heart-wrenching “Days and Days” scene, Helen recalls her difficult life and how unbearable it is for her to share her life with a man who lives a lie and can’t even look at himself in the mirror.

Unlike the memoir, the musical play brings controversial topics such as sexual orientation, dysfunctional family, gender roles and emotional abuse in limelight through an array of well-composed music and lyrics. This removes all graphic content, while giving out a strong message that brings a tear into the eyes of even the most stoic viewers.

Opening on 19 April 2015 at the Circle in the Square Theater, NY; this Broadway is one musical performance you wouldn’t want to miss. Contact I Wish Tickets today to book your tickets!


Fun Home Broadway Musical 2022 Schedulel: Circle in the Square
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Fun Home Broadway Musical Cast: Starrig Beth Malone, Emily Skeggs, Sydney Lucas, Michael Cerveris, Judy Kuhn, Roberta Colindrez, Joel Perez, Zell Morrow and Oscar Williams
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